compl_in e-m_rt sug_rbun

  • about Air pollution …
  • about Health … ?

Victims say that, stink smell flow to beside shop and Corridor …

Request help … !

  1. Can the stink Smell (when cooked food) flow sucking up to the Exhaust fans hole …?
  2. Distance between Exhaust fans hole and the Stove how far …?


should complain to emart management then,

i comlain to
… emart sugarbun management manager …
… emart management manager …
already , but not take action …!!!

Service Hotline
Direct Line Tel :

can somebody help me …
call this number and make a Witnesses

what should i do … ???

Sugar Bun E-Mart exhaust fan
Siasatan telah dibuat pada 02.07.2009 jam 10.30 a.m… tiada masalah
dengan “exhaust fan” Sugar Bun Restaurant, cuma masalah ‘food stall’ di
kawasan lapang di luar Sugar Bun (bukan milik Sugar Bun Restaurant)
Masalah ini perlu di atasi oleh pemilik e-mart, kerana mereka yang
membenarkan “food stall” itu berdagang di kawasan tersebut.

reply for

can u accept this ???

What is up with the title? Why need to hide?

went there once … the service ok … juz that the environment … as stated above …

make attraction only …

service good , but can not solve my problem …

Honestly, I don’t think they will entertain your complain. Because it’s really none of their business. Changing the exhaust position would require money, unless you can pay for that personally, that will certainly solve your problem, wouldn’t it?

Also, get to the right channel. Get all the stall owners affected, form a group or committee and meet up with the right authority. If it’s only a few stalls, then I think it’s not powerful enough to make a change. IMHO.