Company Registration

hello fellow mirians, I would like to know how to register a sdn bhd company. is there any firm out there that provide such service or do i need to do it by my own. how much are the charges as well? :?:

Just hire a professional secretary and she/he wil do the rest.

There is one called “JM Golden Corporate Services SB” , same building with “little china” eating steamboat one, upstairs of a pub/karaoke, at 1st floor
there gt provide the services

just go to Yu Lan Plaza ground floor, SSM.

Re: Company Registration

New postby JAIS Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:04 am

just go to Yu Lan Plaza ground floor, SSM.

Nid licensed secretary/ profession signature for the procedure… cant simply apply it

as long as is licensed secretary company, they will help you to registered