any 1 kno this game?
How many tittle are there in this series?
Name the 1st till the latest tittle

comandoes, comandoes 2 and comandoes 3(only) i think. and i think i have all 3 games somewhere stack underneath my bed…

no play liaw? give me give me heheheh

nice game la… i like the one and 2… haven’t try the 3 yet… but i think it;s too much 3d on the last one…

seriously dunno how many they have,… i know a lot… the last one i had was hard to play, because the AI improve a lot, now the bad army will have ‘more random’ walkaround and ‘smarter’ AI to come to you/ambush u and infinite spawn… they are more alert… 7 out of 10 times i replay, sure kena snipe by enemy sniper… =.=, so u canot set ur mens at same position for 15 minute, they sure ambush u from other direction… also, they now can go inside each house(door) to check if u hiding inside…

bang bang bang !!! never play this game b4, juz wanna support this forum … ahaks !

green baret… haha, got driver, diver, pyromancer (something, the bomberman), got sniper, got spy… what else?

heheh the grenadier was the most fun! unlimited grenades and troops all rushing to the source of the explosion = more explosions!

lols who got it all borrow me lar~wuakakak

i don’t know whr mine gone…haiz…feel like replaying this game…hehehe :mrgreen:

bimmer haha i think i will go buy all those titles as collection. Think will play back the 3rd title.

Wow, my old time favor game, miss it a lot, dunno where my collection gone ><
1.) Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (1998) <-- get shock when I first see this, low pc spec awesome gameplay
2.) Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty (1999)
3.) Commandos 2: Men of Courage (2001) <-- my favor
4.) Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (2003) <-- my favor, good AI
5.) Commandos: Strike Force (2006) <-- more on FPS, didn’t bother to play

anyone got the above first 4 collection?

It is like really old games, and i heard that there is online one soon