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In October, Tourism Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor simultaneously addressed the temporary deregulation of street busking in Kuala Lumpur and our friendly rivalry with Singapore by proclaiming that buskers are looking for a bigger and more natural venue and Malaysia has more to offer in that sense and so we have enticed them to come over here.

The KL International Buskers Festival 2006, held between Sat 2 - Sun 10, Dec 2006, has since come and gone. Few – if any – of the acrobats and street magicians who performed in One Utama and Berjaya Times Square were Malaysian; public and spontaneous fire-eating, most of us assume, is still illegal under normal circumstances. Central Market hosted a programme of music performers, perhaps the Festival at its most authentic; several months ago, the singer-songwriter Meor was detained by law enforcers for singing with guitar accompaniment in those same environs.

Contrast this near-non-event with the fun going on in the Indonesian archipelago: playwright Ann Lee surveys the questions raised at the 7th Triennial Women Playwrights International Conference, held recently in Bali and Jakarta; actor-writer Fahmi Fadzil finds answers in the Jakarta International Puppetry Festival.

Still, we have triumphs of our own – as Fahmi observes, us Malaysians should not require official sanction to make good stuff happen. Both KataGender and Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia are organisations who practice with the force of their individual members. What matters are individuals, not ministerial endorsements. Sean Ghazi tells Juliet Jacobs and Zalina Lee about how his debut album, Semalam, was conceived; the 60 Second Plugtalks to Low Ngai Yuen about giving life to childrens theatre.

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Zedeck Siew
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Events Editors Recommendations

RANtai Art Event: Some young people, bursting with creativity and enthusiasm, decided to band together, amass all that good energy, and put together two days of non-stop activities for anyone and everyone. Oodles of fun await, with exhibitions, musical performances, wayang kulit performances, film screenings, games and loads more, galore! Sat 16 - Sun 17 Dec 2006, Lost Generation Space

Five Alone: They were given absolute freedom to concoct, design, brew and create what they will. And with names like Amy Len, Steve Goh, Eden Lim, Low Shee Hoe and Judimar Monflis involved, you know you wont be disappointed with the end result. The night will be a showcase of solo pieces by each of these dancer-choreographers, including Amy Len’s ‘Wall’, which premiered at the Japan Dance Wave Fukuoka '06 - Asian Contemporary Dance Now. Thu 21 - Fri 22 Dec 2006 (8.30pm), Pentas 2, KLPac

3rd Annual Conference on New Southeast Asian Cinemas Theory and Practice: Southeast Asian Cinemas and Filmmaking: Film gurus, exponents and makers from all over have converged in Kuala Lumpur for this conference which aims to bridge the divide between theory and practice and allow for an open dialogue between academics and practitioners. And worry not this aint some fuddy-duddy, dry, dreary event - the organisers have packed all they can into this four-day event, with discussions on films and film practices, dialogues with filmmakers, workshops, and of course, more film screenings than you can handle. Thu 14 Sun 17 Dec 2006, HELP University College

13 / 12 / 2006
X Marks the G-Spot by Ann Lee
Sighting women playwrights who address everything – but their own sexual desire

13 / 12 / 2006
Ladies and Gentlemen by Juliet Jacobs and Zalina Lee
Taking the middle road into history with Sean Ghazi

12 / 12 / 2006
The 60 Second Plug: Integrated Expressions Little Mission Impossible by Juliet Jacobs
Low Ngai Yuen on colours and chaos

11 / 12 / 2006
The Week: Wed 6 - Tue 12, Dec 2006 by Kakiseni
Jakarta International Puppetry Festival 2006, KataGender, Malaysian Shorts

05 / 12 / 2006
Bootlegging by Benjamin McKay
A flawed but user-friendly guide to Malaysian film piracy – and its pirates

05 / 12 / 2006
The 60 Second Plug: Oliver Knotts The Red Kebaya by Zedeck Siew
Ramli Hassan on the difference between stage and screen

a small selection of events

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Wed 13 - Thu 15 Dec 2006 (Wed: 3pm; Thu & Fri: 7.30pm)
HELP University College Department of A-Levels’ Production 2006: A Triple Bill
This annual event by the students from the Department of A-Levels’ Literary Society will present productions of “Arabian Nights” and…

Thu 14 - Sun 17 Dec 2006 (Thu & Fri: 4pm & 8pm; Sat & Sun: 12pm, 4pm & 8pm)
Little Mission Impossible
An uplifting tale of friendship and responsibility, Little Mission Impossible is the tale of Ai Ya-Ya, a pixie on a…

Fri 15 Dec 2006 (8.30pm)
Wayang Project’s Malam Terbuka
Wayang Project is an effort initiated by actor-writer Fahmi Fadzil, under Five Arts Centre’s Krishen Jit Experimental Workshop Series.

The 15th…

Sat 16 - Sun 17 Dec 2006 (10am - 10pm)
RANtai Art Event
RANtai, a group of creative young people, have banded together to present you a veritable mish mash of arty events…

Tue 19 - Thu 28 Dec 2006; NO performance on the 23rd (8.30pm, with additional 3pm show on Sun)

Ali Baba - The Childrens Musical
Adapted from the original ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’, from ‘The Book of One Thousand and One Nights’, this…

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National Finals: Sun 3 Dec 2006;
Grand Finals: Sat 10 Mar 2007
Asian Beat 2006
Catch some of the top bands from around the region, as they vie to be the next big thing in…

Tue 5, 12 and 19 Dec 2006 (9.30pm)
Rachel Guerzo & Valentino Soliano @ NBT
Coming from a long line of musicians, Rachel Guerzo, a third generation vocalist and pianist, has been performing professionally since…

Fri 8, Sat 16 & Wed 20 Dec 2006
The Fa La La’s
The Fa La Las, a Christmas Choir Project by Mia Palencia, are an interesting combination of five remarkable Malaysians, two…

Thu 14 Sun 17 Dec 2006 (Thu - Sat: 8.30pm; Sun: 3pm)
Candlelight Christmas
Spreading some Christmas cheer this Yuletide season is the brand-spanking-new KLPac Sinfonietta, with their debut concert Candlelight Christmas.

The KLPac Sinfonietta…

Thu 14 Dec 2006 (10pm)
The last Moonshine for the year folks… featuring performances by:

Naked Breed
A bunch of modern rock misfits, their demo released a…

Thu 14 Dec 2006 (10pm)
Shanon Shah @ NBT
AIM-winning, singer-songwriter, activist Shanon Shah (Best Male Vocal in an Album ‘Dilanda Cinta’) returns with a brand new solo…

Fri 15 - Sat 16 Dec 2006 (10.30pm)
James Flynn’s “Singing & Swinging Show” @ Alexis
Back by popular demand - James Flynn! For two nights only, Scottish born Australian Flynn will captivate with an all…

Fri 15 - Sun 17 Dec 2006 (8.30pm)
Legacy (MPO Main Series 1)
Hear the MPO present their first-ever performance of Tchaikovsky’s colourful Third Symphony, and take this opportunity to sample unusual takes…

Fri 15 - Sat 16 Dec 2006 (10.30pm)
Michael Veerapen Jazz Trio
With the innate ability to ‘wow’ you with each of his performances, veteran jazz pianist Michael Veerapen is a top…

Sat 16 Dec 2006 (1.15pm)
A Christmas Present - Lunchtime Organ Recital
With Christmas just a week away, it’s time to decorate the organ and hand out the presents. This year they…

Sat 16 Dec 2006 (3pm)
Rock The World 7
Back for its seventh installment, Rock The World 7 promises you 50 artists… on 3 stages and more music that…

Thu 16 Dec 2006 (8.30pm)
This is Acoustic! Part IV
As the title proudly exclaims, this acoustic gig plans to give props to homegrown singer-songwriters, and to give them and…

Sun 17 Dec 2006 (9.30pm - 1am)
Jazz Trio @ NBT
Join Louis Soliano (vocals/ drums), Wan Azfarezal (bass) and Willy Rebano (piano) for a cool, jazzy end to the weekend…

Thu 21 Dec 2006 (10pm)
Cheong @ NBT
For some Brazilian rhythms and bossa nova beats, join guitarman Cheong, with his laconic, soft-spoken, mellow music.

He will be accompanied…

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Thu 21 - Fri 22 Dec 2006 (8.30pm)
Five Alone
With headliners like Amy Len, Steve Goh, Eden Lim, Low Shee Hoe and Judimar Monflis, you know you won’t want…

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Starts Thu 16 Nov 2006
Salah Bapak (Malay)
A comedy about two brothers, Salah Bapak tells the tale of Jamil and Osman, who run into a series of…

Starts Thu 23 Nov 2006
An industrious young Malaysian studying in England supplements his income with his own ‘Malaysia Boleh’ way…

Taking advantage of the fact…

In cinemas Thu 23 Nov 2006
The Red Kebaya
Latiff, a famous but lonely photographer who was orphaned as a small child, sets out on an expedition to photograph…

In cinemas Thu 30 Nov 2006
Set against the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur, Cinta is a film of five modern-day love stories. The stories are independant,…

Thu 30 Nov - Wed 27 Dec 2006
Little Red Flowers
Little Red Flowers tells the tale of Qiang, who was sent to a residential kindergarten because his parents are often…

In cinemas Thu 7 Dec 2006
Normal mild-mannered Hairi is beginning to exhibit rather strange tendencies… He sticking to walls, making chirping, clicking noises and adding…

Thu 14 Sun 17 Dec 2006
3rd Annual Conference on New Southeast Asian Cinemas
Theory and Practice: Southeast Asian Cinemas and Filmmaking
The third installment of this international academic conference has come to Kuala Lumpur, after being held at the Asia Research…

Sat 16 Dec 2006 (4.30pm)
Night Train to the Stars
This translation of one of Miyazawa Kenji’s children’s tales explores the relationship between the infinite and everyday life in Northern…

Mon 18 Dec 2006
Malaysian Documentaries
Amir Muhammad presents new documentaries, with some repeats from the recent Freedom Filmfest.

More info soon.

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Fri 8 Sep - Sun 31 Dec 2006 (Tue - Sun: 10am - 6pm)
Al - Qur’an The Sacred Art of Revelation & Ilmuwan Islam
In addition to being a work of enormous religious importance, the Qur’an has also been an inspiration to countless artists…

Wed 1 Nov - Tue 31 Dec 2006 (Tue - Sun: 12noon - 12am)
Subjectivism Extended
Exhibition extended until Dec 31 2006

Anna Stiffi Fardella’s eight solo exhibition, Subjectivism, is inspired by people and culture, shadows and…

Tue 14 Nov Sun 17 Dec 2006
The 10th Asian Cartoon Exhibition Asian Environmental Issues
An annual event since 1995, The Asian Cartoon Exhibition uses that universal connector - comics - to discuss Asian societies…

Wed 15 Nov - Fri 15 Dec 2006 (Daily: 9am - 6pm)
Aidilfitri Exhibition
This exhibition showcases the practices and customs associated with Ramadan and the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr in Malaysia and other…

Thu 16 Nov 2006 - Sun 7 Jan 2007
On & Off King’s Road
Featuring works by Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal, this exhibition of ten new paintings by the National Art Laureate, ‘bookends’ his…

Mon 20 Nov - Sun 31 Dec 2006
The power of photography as an art form is infinite; one that shapes our consciousness through imagery, and influences our…

Fri 24 Nov - Fri 15 Dec 2006
Chow Chin Chuan 4th Solo Exhibition
Viewing Chow Chin Chuan’s skillfully executed works - starring his pet subjects the bicycle and cyclos of different regions -…

Mon 27 Nov - Sat 16 Dec 2006
ART RM 1,000
Racking your brains, looking for the gift for friends and loved ones? Well, VWFA is here to help!

Back with one…

Thu 30 Nov - Sat 16 Dec 2006
Belacu Berdepa, Berlagu Berupa
Jalaini Abu Hassan ends this year’s exciting calendar of solo exhibitions at VWFA with a new body of powerful figurative…

Thu 30 Nov - Thu 14 Dec 2006
Faith, Plurality, and Freedom
Witnesses to troubled and chaotic times, young artists Zulkiflee Zainul Abidin, Nurazmal Md Yusuf, Haris Ahmad Hamsani, Samsuddin Lappo, Uzaini…

Sat 2 - Sat 30 Dec 2006
Tradition & Innovation Batik Exhibition
In each of her works, Emilia Tan aims to be original in concept and imaginative in treatment. Her works brim…

Mon 4 - Thu 28 Dec 2006
Fact or Fiction
To round off the exhibitions at the gallery this year, Wei-Ling Gallery presents the intuitive printmaker, Kim Ng’s second solo…

Tue 12 - Wed 20 Dec 2006 (11am - 6pm)
Habitat I & II
Solo exhibitions by artist Wong Perng Fey, which will run simultaneously at:

The Artist’s Studio
B4-4 4th floor Binova Industrial Estate
1 Jln…

Wed 13 Sat 30 Dec 2006
‘Digital Expression’ - An Art. Exhibition.
Besides its permanent section dedicated to digital art, called the ‘Digital Zone’, galleriiizu wants to mark a new chapter in…

Thu 14 - Thu 28 Dec 2006 (12noon - 6.30pm, other times by appointment)
Master Strokes
In this exhibition, works by two masters - Indian artist Manu Parekh and Malaysian artist Jolly Koh - are brought…

Mon 18 Dec 2006 - Sun 7 Jan 2007
Rumah Melayu
An exhibition featuring works by artists like A. Kassim Abas, Ismail Kadir, Abu Bakar Idris, Anuar Dan, Haron Mokhtar, Mansor…

Thu 21 Dec 2006 - Mon 15 Jan 2007
Iranian Miniature Paintings
Literature in general and poetry in particular has always played a prominent role in Iran culture. Persian painting, known also…

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Classes ongoing
Batik Painting Classes & Batik Crafty Parties
Batik Painting Classes Batik is for Malaysians! When people talk about batik, they think about Malaysian. As a Malaysian, do u…

Classes Ongoing
3 MONTHS RESULT GUARANTEE - children and adults artclass!!!
Have you ever be attracted to a piece of good art work and said to yourself "How I wish I…

14&15 Dec 2006, 10am-6pm
Developing a Brand Strategy - A Two Day Workshop by Peter Gan
More and more people are starting to realise that Branding involves much more than just logo design, packaging or even…

Sat 6 January 2007, 10am-3pm
Me? A Copywriter?

The Advertising industry needs more lawyers, bankers and doctors

Did you know that a lot of successful people in the advertising…

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Every 3rd Friday of the month (8pm - 9pm)
MPH Reading Group
Attention book lovers - if you’ve been looking for a cosy spot to dissect and discuss selected books, then…

Msians Abroad
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Mon 2 Sep 2006 Sun 29 Apr 2007
Perspectives: Simryn Gill
Singapore-born, Malaysian-citizen and Sydney-based Simryn Gill is having her first major exhibition in the United States.

Simryn’s works consists of found…

Sat 2 - Thu 14 Dec 2006 (5.30pm - 9pm, 2 shows per night)
Hands Percussion Team at the Doha Asian Games 2006
Our very own percussion wunderkinds are in Doha!

The Hands Percussion Team are among the international acts performing in the…

Sun 3 Dec 2006 - Sun 4 Feb 2007
The Naked Life
Naked Life explores a specific mode of existence in the age of globalisation: thanks to anti-terrorismm border control, homeland security…

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Tue 19 - Sat 23 Dec 2006
Lush. Pop. Jazz
Catch Vocaluptuous in their fourth full length concert this December, singing a brand-new repertoire of familiar favourites, pushing the limits…

Thu 21 - Sat 23 Dec 2006 (8pm)
Festival Pintu
[b]Buka pintu buka pintu
Ada anjing gonggong beta heh!
Buka pintu buka pintu
Ada hujan beta basah heh!

Buka pintu buka pintu…[/b]

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