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Hi, if you are of Kedayan / Kadayan origin, I have created two blogs to especially for you. Come and join met at and [url=] . Thanks.

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“Amongst other things, the Kadayan / Kedayan people are also well known for their expertise in traditional medicinal herbs. You can ask any Kadayan / Kedayan kids then, Whats the cure for diarrhoea (bagah)? or How do you stop blood flowing out from small cuts? I can bet you; every kids of my time know the answer. The herb used to treat the former is guava leave (daun biabas) or timbaan shoots (pucuk timbaan). The later is effectively treated by kuduk-kuduk leaves. Trust me, if you are caught in an emergency situation just like above, please do not hesitate to use the herbs to treat your case. Believe me, it works and has no side effects!!! Provided of course you know how to identify the plants, otherwise you will end up chewing other shoots and young leaves which may be toxic or lethal. Just be careful.”

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Kepada semua members Miri Community dan pelawat-pelawat Miri Community saya ingin mengucapkan "Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Adha, Season’s Greetings dan Happy New Year. Thank you for visiting my blogs. I’ve posted new articles entitled “IS ISA A DRACONIAN LAW” in for your reading pleasure. The excerpts are as follows: -

…The American and the British are REACTIVE, whereas Malaysia is PROACTIVE. We don not have to wait for 3,000 innocent Malaysian people to die before we start thinking to detain the perpetrators for two years without trial. Just imagine if you are the Prime Minister of Malaysia, would you sacrifice the interest of 25 million people for the sake of 5 people? The answer is obvious. Any Head of States democratically elected by the people would put the interest of the people first before anything else, exactly what President Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Prime Minister Gordon Brown were doing. I dont mean that I agree with what happen in Guantanamao Detention Centre, but it is based on a similar principle. … A.S. Kasah

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