College student claims raped by foreign friends

College student claims raped by foreign friends

PETALING JAYA: A college student, who was invited by her three foreign friends to their Flora Damansara apartment, was allegedly raped and locked in their apartment.

The student, who had a cellular phone, managed to contact her friends who rushed to the unit where they found her crying.

OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said her friends contacted the police who arrived within minutes and arrested the three foreigners.

The three are being detained at the district police headquarters to assist in investigations.

The 24-year-old victim was sent to hospital and we are waiting for the medical report to ascertain if she was raped, he said, adding that the suspects were all students in their 20s. … sec=nation

sapa suruh pg sorang2?
last2 kena gangbang

agree wif u.
pompuan bodo…

PETALING JAYA: Seorang pelajar kolej swasta tidak menyangka panggilan telefon dari seorang wanita yang meminta tolong, sebenarnya adalah perangkap dipasang lelaki warga Afrika yang merogolnya.

Kejadian berlaku di Pangsapuri Flora Damansara di sini, kira-kira jam 9 malam kelmarin, selepas mangsa berusia 24 tahun yang tinggal di pangsapuri itu dikatakan menerima panggilan ketika berada di sebuah kafe siber di tingkat bawah pangsapuri.
Sumber berkata, wanita yang menghubunginya meminta mangsa naik ke tingkat 9 pangsapuri itu dan sebaik tiba di pintu rumah, seorang lelaki warga Afrika menariknya masuk sebelum merogolnya. Katanya, mangsa yang berjaya melarikan diri selepas dirogol, kemudian kembali ke kafe siber itu dan menceritakan kejadian berkenaan kepada beberapa penduduk.
Berikutan itu, beberapa penduduk memerangkap lelaki terbabit dan berjaya ditahan sebelum diserahkan kepada polis, katanya di sini, semalam.

Sumber itu berkata, ekoran penahanan suspek, polis bersama penduduk menahan dua lagi lelaki warga Afrika yang juga rakan suspek kerana dipercayai bersubahat.

Ketua Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya, Asisten Komisioner Arjunaidi Mohamed, yang mengesahkan kejadian itu berkata, polis menahan tiga lelaki warga Afrika bagi membantu siasatan. … ka/Article

which one is the true story?..confused-confused!!

super LOL!

two different stories…

i saw this on TV, the guy got beaten by the residents…

Guess they didn;t pay her good enough. And yeah, it was a very smart college student thinking to go alone to a bunch of afrikans place… now is the best example why sex education is best for the children of the future, it’s not about the knows and the hows, it’s more about the ways to avoid such situation where most people find it too taboo to speak on how to avoid such things before happening. think about it.

me too, i saw it in TV1 8pm yesterday, 3 nigerian cought and beaten by public and save the girl. the rapist is big in size. police the took them to the police station. i was wondering why government never take action against foreign people even the resident complaint so many time in “999” tv documentary every week. college should limit the intake of foreign student come from problematic country. because ambik untung our own country men kena.

If it’s in saudi, even the girl will go to jail. why? The saudi has just 1 simple concept tho this matter… want to know? If she didn;t go or refuse their invitation, then she would not have gotten into trouble. Sometimes I find that the simple minded saudis does have a point, well not all the time, sometimes. <-- Click