College holds carnival for its 60th anniversary

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MIRI: Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang (KTDTHB) commemorated its Diamond Jubilee (60th anniversary) with a fun-filled carnival.

Lambir assemblyman Ripin Lamat represented Assistant Resource Planning Minister Datuk Naroden Majais, who is an alumni of KTDTHB, at the event.

Education was the main agenda of nation building, said Majais in a speech read out by Ripin.

“Our education system is dynamic and progressive and drives transformation by moulding students into competitive, knowledgeable and quality individuals who have a modern mindset, are highly skilled and exhibit good morals to realise and achieve our country’s aspirations and agenda.

Ripin (in blue), KTDTHB principal Hajah Hasimah Abang Zen (fifth from right) and Parent-Teacher Association vice-chairman Sabri Lampam (fourth from left) with other teachers of KTDTHB during the carnival’s launch. Photos: DAPHNE JOLLY/ The Star

“The Education Ministry launched the development plan for Malaysian education 2013 to 2025 as a catalyst to ensure our younger generation will be able to compete on a global scale.

“All agencies must work together in taking steps towards improvement and the result of this collaboration will bring about a network of academic excellence,” he added.

Majais commended KTDTHB for achieving excellence in the aspects of academics and co-curricular activities through the collaborative effort and high commitment of the KTDTHB community throughout its 60 years.

“The school has produced a number of capable leaders in every field and students that are pro-active, critical, creative, innovative and competitive.

“I call upon the KTDTHB community to synergise and contribute ideas to continue developing the school for the sake of the students.

Students feeding a baby goat in the petting zoo area.

“I hope that with this celebration, KTDTHB will continue to increase its efforts in achieving success in every field,” said Majais.

Majais also congratulated the school for becoming an excellent cluster school, Smart school, Microsoft Mentor School and Asmara 1 Malaysia.

“These achievements have propelled and placed KTDTHB on the same level as other excellent schools in the country,” he said.

One of the many old photos showing the college’s past students during the carnival.

Ripin ended the speech by pledging RM5,000 to the school for their annual activities.

The celebration was a meaningful one as teachers, staff, parents, students and alumni came out in full force to make this event a success.

The carnival featured scout demonstrations and a children’s fashion show as well as a miniature car exhibition in the school hall, which captured the attention of visitors of all ages.

Other attractions included a petting zoo with baby goats and rabbits and a photo booth featuring Batman and Spider-Man.

hildren having their photo taken with a man dressed as Batman.

Teachers, parents and students worked hand in hand to man the food and beverage stalls and games booths despite the hot weather and heavy rain later in the day.

The funds raised from the event would be utilised by the Parent-Teacher Association for future school activities.