Coffe bean bintang closed down?

Are they? :frowning:

I don’t think so…isn’t the “opening soon” banner there?

I prefer Coffee Bean over Starbucks mainly because the drinks in Coffee Bean is much richer and concentrated.

some says changed Management.

Signs say opening soon so pretty sure they are renovating and opening again. To say i dont like coffee bean or starbucks cake and pies though it taste nothing like the overseas one.

this is what i heard frm my friend la dont know its true o not…the previous owner pass away fews months ago and his wife tidak mau to take over/manage the company bcause of too many hutang and sales to bruneian dude,…

no la…the old management manage sabah and sarawak punya coffee bean oo…they sell it and let the bruneians to operate soon…coffee bean at shell lutong office is already open with the new management…

McD move over?

Burger King :shock: