Cod 4

Ever heard or play COD 4 ? You know whats COD ??? COD stand for Call Of duty. As far i know , this game is not quite popular with Mirian but recently , i saw people play cod 4 . haha , the weird thing is , their play style is are funny. haha , doesnt matter as long people play it , i’m ok wif it coz i’m addicted to cod. i play from the first till the lastest version. ITs fun , why dont you try it !

Got le… many cyber got install tat game already.
Some of the ppl already LV 55 :o

COD4 is my favourite game among all FPS @ PS3,a must buy game :smiley:

ps3 no shiok play pc lerr more fun…

agree… im addicted to COD4… can play online but my streamyx line s*cks…

anylink to download it? i would like to try :lol:

you need to join malaysia server for low ping

but all pros…very hard

asked my fren to buy the dvd in KL… price arnd rm150…

[quote=“maxwell”]you need to join malaysia server for low ping

but all pros…very hard[/quote]

hey max… where to go to join that server… the international server is not that bad coz not all of them (players) are that good… the only thing that is holding me back is the ping will max out till 500 compared to others around 70-90 average.

just get Xfire, the Malaysian servers will pop up automatically
the server is Nakara or something like that…

Hahas. You should see Cod scene in Kl. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people playing it but then dota still more =.=. Cod4 got compy some more.You see they all playing , you also wanna laugh … hahaha

it’s Narakka, xD i play COD4 lol, got alot of private server at server list

i have to say…multiplayer is damn good
took me a while to locate all the patches though (1.7)