CNY celebration

Anyone planning to post pics of the city? Pasar malam and the likes. Love to see what it’s like these days.

Don;t worry, i think some one from here will take the pics.

I went to town on 16-Feb-2007 just before 11:00PM. That was the night before the new year eve and the town was quite pack. So I joined the rush for “nothing” other than trying to take some pictures. So here it goes…

One store was selling orchid. So I also took some photos with their kind permission:

Strange looking orchid:

If I am not mistaken, for RM400 you can have this:

Lion dance…

Thanks 4 d pic WT…

My heart is ‘melting’ lookin on those orchid pics… :smiley:

Thanks for posting the pics.Don’t like the look of the lion dances nowadays…too fancy looking.Prefer the old traditional ones.Ladybird do u celebrate cny?

Impressive shots WT. :smiley:

Proudmirian - Yes, I do… :wink:

thanks for sharing the pics :smiley:

sad to tell u by the time u took those pics,it should be almost the same time my house was broke-into (16th Feb 2007,time estimate arround 10-11pm).I was there at the nite market too that time,went back arround 11pm. :wink:

so sorry to hear that my4to. break ins always happens during big celebrations.

will let u know if i hear anything abt ur stolen properties