CNY Bazaar Miri leaves visitors spoilt for choice

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Chin (right) entertains her customers at her stall at the bazaar.

MIRI: The Chinese New Year (CNY) Bazaar at High Street here is a hub of exciting activities that go beyond trading and shopping.

It also gathers people from diverse backgrounds who come either as traders, shoppers or those simply wanting to enjoy the nightly shows.

The bazaar has been receiving throngs of visitors, including those from Brunei, since its opening on Feb 9.

“We often come to Miri during weekends for shopping, and the CNY Bazaar is a splendid idea for a one-stop centre for shopping,” said Tee Tiong Eh, who went there recently with his fellow Bruneians.

For florist Chin Siaw Chin, the bazaar is a great opportunity for her to meet customers who want spruce up their residents with beautiful plants and flowers this Lunar New Year.

“It is noticeable that people are spending less for decorations this year, probably due to the economic downturn. Still, I am happy with the sales over the past several days, although it was better before,” she said.

Meanwhile, Home Music Centre principal Yap Yau Fung was happy to see that the organisers had continued to hold the annual CNY Bazaar for the past 16 years.

“It is a gold opportunity for our students to showcase their talents in many different performance arts – from traditional to contemporary singing and dancing to martial arts.

“It is a good platform to promote the Chinese culture and Miri City too. Tonight, we have 50 students performing – all of them are very excited, and so are their parents,” she said.

The bazaar opens from 8am to 11pm daily, with entertainment shows every night.

Tomorrow (Feb 15), however, will be the last day and as such, it opens only from 8am to noon.

The joint-organisers of the bazaar are Miri City Council (MCC) and Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MCCI).

Tee (right) looks on as his friends select fruits at a stall at the CNY Bazaar.