CM denies getting rich at nation’s expense

KUCHING: Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib has denied allegations that he had moved wealth out of the country.

He admitted that he and his family were doing well, but their wealth was created through normal business which had nothing to do with exploitation or taking anything from Sarawak.

Look at what happened to the country. The per capita income when I first came in was RM4,000, but today it’s RM28,000.

This is something that doesn’t speak of moving out wealth from the country, he said in a video interview on his official website

Taib said he had to do business abroad more than 30 years ago for one simple reason he did not want conflict of interest to haunt him all the time.

He said if he did business inside the country, people would say he used his influence to enrich himself.

Of course, if you got talent and some money, you can really build good business outside the country. And you don’t have to be corrupt. Entrepreneurship has its own rewards, he said.

He said anybody could get rich over 30 years if they had the brains.

In the video titled Chief Minister Taib of Sarawak Financial Transparency in Sarawak, Taib also denied allegations by certain quarters that those who had been supporting his political party, PBB, had been rewarded with businesses.

He admitted that some members of the party had been very successful in business and had created two or three public-listed companies.

However, he said members who were not in his party had also been successful in business.

He said there were more companies growing in Sarawak as a result of good policies.

In a country like ours or England for that matter, we do tend to work at one thing, that the country would not get rich only on the strength of its wealth.

Wealth is created because you can encourage people who have the talent, the entrepreneurship to use your wealth in the most effective manner, he said.

Aside from videos, the website also has an archive of articles and publications as well as up-to-date Sarawak news.

One can also read a number of Taib’s speeches at various conferences and state functions.

The website is said to have been launched to counter allegations against the chief minister.

Taib, how about CMS takes all the major contracts such as reparing roads, supplying cement & award the the contracts without OPEN tender? That’s means the money for the project allocated by the federal gonvernment EVENTUALLY masuk u pun poket la…

Only God knows…

Taib got the brain to steal from Sarawak because he class them as stupid people and if they are not he get rid of them.

please use the word “allah” now since it is legalize in sarawak/sabah.

I used to be a proud and strong supporter of BN…
But i don’t trust or believe a f^*%king word that he says!!!
i wonder why the PM in Australia etc not as rich as him hmmm…

He couldn’t have done it alone without the help of the state administration and component parties, whether directly or indirectly.

it happen to be his relatives, children n sibling managed to get all d goodies

secara kebetulan jak padah nyak sb cdak berotak bah

hahahahah…y tis is not in joke section?!


Banyakkan doa Pehin Sri. Benar atau salah, kamu saja la yang tahu. Apa-apa pun, dosa adalah tanggungjawab diri sendiri. Jawablah bila didunia akhirat. :wink:

Memang orang salah tak akun salah.
Tanah orang di Maloi dan Liku kena rampas., bulat2 pun tak akun. Siapa yang berkuasa…Sudah lalek punya orang. Kubur tunggu pok. Sik lamak agik malaikal naut datang.

This will be in the History of Malaysia April 16 when the BN of Sarawak will be fall. Remember the history of Parti Berjaya lead by datuk Harris strip down by the PBS? The Game is the Same!!!. When Mathair say…"I will die with Berjaya! the end the People Power show him the way out!..Sarawakian…Open you mind! removed BN from Sarawak…

What he is saying the GDP growth per capita from RM4,000 to RM28,000 is because of his doing and his support to the Sarawak people? Hahahahahaaa!! Ini cakap kosonh seorang tua yang tidak lama lagi akan turun dari taktha yang dibina sendiri, atau kata orang puteh… Self Proclaimed King.

Kita sendiri mau tau… iban ka, cina ka, melayu ka, orang suku kaum yang lain di Sarawak… semua mau tau apa yang perlu dibuat. Time for a change, let us do our part for the better tomorrow…

“Kerajaan BN.” <-- The BN component always use this slogan or this word, very bold and very untrue. Government is not BN, BN is not a Government. BN is a political party, a Government is a collection of people governing or administering a country or nation regardless of political party and ideology. If BN is a government, then it’s what Hitler has been doing with his nazi party… and we know what happened there.

He said anybody could get rich over 30 years if they had the brains.

sound like he’s saying sarawakian over 40-50 today who dun get rich yet are all idiots hahahaha…so rude!!!

he made a good point there. over 30 years, no wonder most of miri’s timber tycoons are filthy rich.

absolutely true. Infact, anybody could get rich over less than a year if they had the brains. The difference is legally or Illegally ! :slight_smile:

Did anybody notice there is a new show on tv3 called Sayang Sarawak.I watch it for a while and full of propaganda and they say opposition party spread the propaganda that native land being taken away by the Government for they own benefit but the government say it to increase the value of the land and to develop the area.What bullsh*+…The only person getting rich and developed is Taib and his cronies…So long I never watch Tv3 and suddenly today I went to that channel and I say this nonsense…They even show Miri…hehe miss Miri the city and not the other Miri ok :lol:

yeah right… you have the ‘brain’, so you can manipulate everything with the position.