1001 each okay?

Are u serious? With that price, ppl can straight away go apple store get it n only 1499 (16gb wifi)… Wat the different from your set?

I said it’s negotiable didn’t I?n i’ll include a piece of screen protector as well…

lolx negotiable and u start at a more exp price then from the store? come on lah be realistic. and slightly negotiable at that! >.< lolx well Good luck in ur sales bro! especially since ipad 3 coming out soon =)

ipad 3 coming soon? cool !!!

slightly negotiable? still very expensive bro. I advise you to revise your price. :slight_smile:

Sales gimmick :mrgreen:
My sister just bought 16GB white wifi 3g @ 1,899

I bought mine brand new white color some more for Rm1899 from someone in

Sales gimmick :mrgreen:
My sister just bought 16GB white wifi 3g @ 1,899[/quote]

What the price would it be after ipad 3 launch

If actual price no free screen protector

a screen protector wont cost that much aite? unless if U include an Invisible Shield from Zagg :)))

Thats mean screen protector is NOT FREE lah ??? :roll:
Then what is actual price so that i know how much the screen protector is.

Ipad 2 16 gb wifi = rm1499
Ipad 2 16 gb wifi + 3g = rm1899 (price from applestore)
screen protector in miri+service = rm20

There are various kind of screen protectors in de market…for instance de cheapest u can find for iPhone 4 may be rm10,de most expensive one can be more than rm100…if plus rm50 frm actual price I include screen protector worth rm50 lor.

screen protector already on it? so means its out of the box lah? not sealed? so 2nd hand lah tu!? lolx

Bro noyze,u r so hilarious. Did I not say its brand new in my title description? I didnt say de screen protector is oredi on it lor…its brand new sealed in box.BRAND NEW in BOX…If u all don think I can meet ur price than I’m sorry lor. I am very happy sell to those who are willing to buy only. But of course a very big thank you to everyone cause I’ve successfully attracted everyone’s attention. :slight_smile: if u wan the cheapest screen protector, u can go to supersave :slight_smile: latest offer I can give,RM 1499 iPad wifi free screen protector. BRAND NEW in BOX,open in front of customers. And same goes to iPad 2 wifi 3G RM1899 free screen protector…

TODAY only!!!