Hello MCnet.

As stated in the title, i’m looking for a used Playstation 3 set , be it Fat/Slim .

Do PM me / state your offers here if you are willing to sell it.

Please, no ridiculous offers that are higher than the market price :mrgreen:

Got my offer :slight_smile: tq mcnet

If you can wait till middle of this year, you can get a new first hand Sony PS3 at maybe RM899.

My friend (working at Sony) bought a 250GB PS3 charcoal black in Year 2010 for RM1500

In Year 2011, 320GB PS3 costs RM1099 retail price.

Middle of this year, price will drop again. New Sony and Xbox Console will be announced during E3 this year.

new one is around 920 SG set now,

So i’m thinking of getting a 2nd hand one ,

PS4 or the PS3 successor will be announced this year, but may or may not release this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, PS4 will cost probably 2000 ringgit when it launches… or even more :frowning: