Hi every one…

My wife and I are going to rent a double storey house in November, and we have rooms to rent by the beginning of November 2011…

There are two big rooms - as big as a master bedroom - each on ground floor and top floor.
The rooms are unfurnished but the house is absolutely complete.

Who ever rents the ground floor has the ground floor toilet and bathroom to themselves.
As for the upper floor, as stated, one big room and one small room. Both are unfurnished and there is a bathroom separately on the top.

the porch is huge! big enough to park 4 - 5 cars… There is also Wi-fi available . Additional to that, its an old house , therefore , its always cold! (that is one of the reason why we choose this house) even in the hottest summer. there is a dry kitchen and a wet kitchen, a fridge and now, a washing machine will soon be added to the household. there are study tables available for students and there are two wardrobe available (each for a room) to early birds.

the rent for the rooms are :>
Lower ground

  • big room = 300 - 350 (perfect for 2-3 persons plus own external bathroom and toilet)

First floor
-A Big room - 300 ( 2-3 persons)
-A medium room - 250. (single person)

All prices are including all the necessities bills. The deposit is usual - 2 months depo + 1 month rent. The rooms will be available starting November, just as we leash the house too.

Please pm for further information.

Thank you.