MS Excel + 5 years hands-on taking off experience.

Lotus 123 better…

What are you looking for Lorraine? starting up a company?

in General BIM ; basic architecture/drafting software are Autocad/Revit(autodesk paid), Archicad /Form Z & for just design rough is Sketchup.

Most of this software have build in costing & calculation or additional add on or plugins.

the next phase of BIM is 3D - 3dsMax, Cinema 4D, Maya, XSI, Rhinoceros, Eon Vue 9.5(large masterplan design)… which seriously use for real detail of Architecture Visualization/Animation.

thx for the feedback.

KVReninem: i am not goin to start a company, i just wan to know is there any software for QS to make BQ? or they just calculate all manually?

Manually kind of ancient years ago & it takes time.

For QS: Buildsoft or CostX & Excel

Dont mistake QS & Estimator job. Both job name have are different task & involvement.
but generally; software like Archicad; Revit have build in estimation.

but at the end of the day; it all depends how you want to deal about it. Still need the basic of all basic : Math.

I see~ do u have any idea whr can i get those software? can download online? =)