[b]Terms and Conditions 8)

  1. The deposit is not refundable.
  2. I have the rights to choose anyone to be my buyer
  3. If the item reserved is not available, I have the rights to cancel the deal and full refund.
  4. Buyer bears risk and cost of postage
  5. Buyer have to bank in or pay in ONE DAY after item selling conform … one day no bank in or pay (MEAN DON WAN TO BUY OR WASTING TIME ) item selling will be automatic canceling in next day[/b]


How much the price ?
Sold Seperately ka ?

Interested ?

interested in Q6600. I already have the CM212+.

Best price tq.

DAMN! I should’ve just wait for you! I was desperately looking for a Q6600, the Q9550 out of stock around here, had to get a Q9400! :evil:

Q9550 NO STOCK ?

Q9400 is good ~~ If wanna clock it rocks
I’m still using QX6800 ~~ Slow Still ~~

Yeah the Q9550 out of stock. Even if the new stock arrives, the price is going to make my wallet ■■■■. Oh and the Q9400 has a low multi, I currently have this chip at 3.2Ghz only. But still it kicks my dual-cores right in the nuts.

why not go for i5?

i5, u need to change ram, change mobo. That’s a complete overhaul.

How much are you selling for your Q6600?Can you sell it seperately?I am very interested in your processor…

haha…finally sell your computer dy?getting new one ha?thanks for the Q6600 anyway!