As in topic…
Psp-2000 Black bought on 29/6/2008.
99% good in condition.
Selling Price at RM600.
Place to meet, we will deal it after comfirm.

Reason to selling is because urgent in cash.

has it been cracked already?

If your crack means to able to play Download game, yeah is cracked.

any pics about it?

PSP-2000 selling for RM 600… what does this include? PSP ? memory card? charger? accessories? of course pictures would be a forte.

lol… picture… hmmm dont think have… yeah include everything like u buy new from shop, but no crystal case.

you might want to list it out… each shop has different packages on what they include…

I’m kinda interested in it… mind to provide more details?

i am also interested in this but if there is a pic that we all can look at it would be appreciated

hmmmm… ok i will try to take few picture for it… maybe i will upload it on tonight?

everyone will wait for the pictures. Pictures is a MUST :evil:

Sorry about last night, my place no internet for sudden…
There is the picture. Have a look with it^^

Erm…the cabel ???

Which cable as u mean??

Cable to the computer…

oh… yes incuded…

Sorry to ask…but can the price be Nego ?

The price is very low already, as u see the current new price for new psp…