Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz

Mother Board Intel Coproration
Model : D915GEV
Memory : DDR2 512MB

And with 17" CRT monitor, Keyboard, mouse, DVD rom with writer and all cable… bla bla bla…

Reason for sale : wanna change to a normal laptop… Give Me Your Best OFFER!! :mrgreen:

( Closed )

how long you’ve using it?

i bought it at 2005 year end so is coming on 3 years old… it never give me any headcahe before, and i get it clean once in a while… kinda upset when i decide to let it go :cry: , because i need a computer that can esaliy move around…

Thank you~

2005? then it should be rm600 for whole thing… :smiley:

Are you sure it worth RM600 only?

RM 600 is too much!

processor RM100
mobo RM100
MOnitor RM100
HArdsisk RM80
others RM50++

total around RM600±

cant expect too much $$, this is technology toys. keke

i see… didnt know i gonna loss so much… in this case i rather keep it, and thank guys… sorry for all the trouble… :oops: :oops: