A special gift…Hope can give you some mental support

[quote=“inspire”]you are doing great job to arise ppl awareness…sorry tohear that both of you and efjl…
Gambateh,may God bless you[/quote]

Thank you very much inspire, you’re a real inspiration! :slight_smile: May God bless your soul!

glad to hear that you like my present for you…i hope that you will be more tough and handle the odd…i believe you can do it although i dont know you in person,but i can feel your soul of toughness and i am sure you are a brave girl…Fight those odd,i am sure you have receive and feel something that we cannot sense…good luck mandy

so mandy,how is your condition currently??stll become more bad?

Hi inspire, terribly sorry for my terribly late reply, my gosh 8 months late! Haven’t been visiting MCnet lately…

Since Oct 2009 I have been prescribed another medicine called Cellcept to go along with the steroids, it’s supposed to help treat my damaged kidneys. It’s a very expensive medicine (RM460/box which lasts me 25 days) and I have to take 500mg daily, steroids still 10mg daily. Been on Cellcept for 4 months, but I don’t see big improvements in my urine results (still got protein presence)… So I’m pretty frustrated right now.

I hope I’ll get to see the SLE specialist Dr Morris Wo in KK end of this month, he visits the Nobel Dialysis Centre there every month.

I’m currently interested to know if Alpha Lipid Colostrum can really treat lupus effectively, I just posted this thread pls feel free to comment:

For those who would like to know more about lupus, here’s a video which describes what it is:

Lastly I’d like to say is if you’re fit & healthy, please cherish it and do not take it for granted (don’t do drugs, smoke, drink, etc.), you are so blessed to be healthy and normal. For those who have health issues like me, don’t ever give up, there is always hope!

Oh ya, forgot to mention I did my first kidney biopsy in June 2009, it was P-A-I-N-F-U-L…!!! To other patients who need to undergo kidney biopsy, please make sure your doctor practices the latest biopsy techniques, the older methods are less effective to extract good samples & causes much pain even though local anastethic is given (mine max dosage). I made a bad choice of choosing this doctor (not the SLE specialist I frequent, he was absent when I visited the hospital) & I could FEEL him probing the needle in me! It was too painful that I cried & the doctor had to stop the surgery, only managed to extract 1 good sample (need at least 6). I spent RM3000 for the surgery, spent 3 nights warded & the results ended up inaccurate. So please, choose your doctor wisely…

so, how are things going right now? :?:

aw u poor thing! :frowning:
i thought its just kidney problem… its much more complicated …

i hope that u can stay strong facing all this challenges, just keep praying and continue to build your faith in god.