CLOSED: IKEA Products for Sale (NEW)

All items are new and still in box/unopened.
It will be first come first serve basis.

Thank you.

Still available?

Yes still available. I am new in miricommunity, hence not able to send you PM.
Could you contact me 0126117876 to discuss about items that you are interested?
Thank you

Some items are sold. Below items still available:-

  • 2 units of Table Lamps
  • 1 unit of Roller Blind
  • 1 unit of ADUM Rug
  • 1 unit of HAMPEN Rug
  • 2 units of Cable Reels
  • 1 unit of Laptop Support
  • 2 units of LEKSVIK Hooks
  • 2 units of Lillholmen Hooks
  • 2 units of GRUNDTAL Hangers
  • 1 unit of GRUNDTAL Dish Drainer
  • 1 unit of GRUNDTAL Container
  • 1 unit of GRUNDTAL Kitchen Towel Holder
    Please refer to attachment for details.