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wat transmission was it?negotiable price?g spec?

For your information, the average rate of depreciation for car is 15% per annual, low rate (well-maintained) of depreciation for car is 11% per annual. Yet still depend on the car’s condition and mileage. … alculator/

Hi, thanks for your questions =)
It’s Auto, G spec.
as for the price, I will come back to you after I check with the owner.
Thanks! =)

I don’t really agree with wAt u said (danley) don’t act pro~ I did buy a Toyota dyna which cost 55k since 4 years ago~~ but now the value is over than tat~~

Gran, I am sorry if the information provided from website make you feel that I was acting like a pro here. But to be honest to you, I have totally no knowledge on this business at all, so I have no intention or no need to act pro here. I just wanna share the information from website.


Actually Danley, you are only depreciating the vehicle based on stats that do not apply to this country or the make of the car. a lot of factors are involved. In West Malaysia, the model he is selling is priced at 74k for a 2007 model. and in the west our cars are cheaper, that’s why when i brought my car over here i decided to sell it here due to the high price. However, at 80-90km for a car in miri, only means the vehicle has travelled a lot for a mirian car. in KL it’s normal cos we have highways and we travel a lot. On average a vehicle in miri that is used as a first car for work and travelling around town with the occasional trip to brunei would have a mileage of about 50-60k at that age.

SO the price is actually quite reasonable. But see condition first lah. and for toyota’s it’s awesome, can send to toyota mark to get the vehicle evaulated. heheh

to add on,Toyota cars have better resale value. =)
juz like wad Noyze mention,the 15% depreciation rate juz doesn’t apply to Miri car.


The car owner is currently oversea and will only be back after a few days.
If youre interested with the car, you can have a look at it at 23 Oct =)

Thank you for your interest!

Thanks to Noyze and mike88 for the additional information too =D

I don’t think I mean that the car is over priced, and I actually just wanna share the information. After quick calculation for 3 yrs well maintained car, RM97k x 0.89 x 0.89 x 0.89 = RM68k. The figure is actually very close to the selling price by owner, I believe the price will be even close if owner offer discount. So I think the information provided still quite accurate.

Potential buyer also should check the vehicle of accident,police and MCC history…


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