Civil servants pledge to be responsible and disciplined … sec=nation

It is certainly a historical announcement for us. It is the best. Previously, when we asked, it was far below our expectation, the unions president Omar Osman said.

He said the union was happy with the quantum of increase.

We got what we set out to achieve, although we had asked for a 40% pay increase initially (for Support Group One), he said.

He was speaking to reporters here after the announcement of pay increase for civil servants by the Prime Minister yesterday.

Osman said he regarded the pay hike as a morale booster for all civil servants in the country.

He said Cuepacs was willing to show its commitment to the Government by improving the image and productivity of the public sector.

We want to initiate drastic changes to fulfil the request, he said.He also called on civil servants to give up their part-time jobs and concentrate on their duties in the public sector.

We will be doing a national roadshow to ensure civil servants change their attitude and adhere to the conditions outlined by the Government, he said.

Osman said civil servants have pledged to be responsible and disciplined, to dress smartly, and not take long tea or coffee breaks.

He added that civil servants should not wait for instructions to be given to them, and instead seek out the tasks and complete them even if took extra hours.

Be also cheerful while working or serving customers, Osman added.