Civil Defence calls for volunteers in Miri

MIRI: From assisting in flood-relief operations to search and rescue missions and catching snakes, the Civil Defence Department in Miri is seeing increasing calls for help nowadays.

The department has embarked on a drive to recruit more volunteers in order to meet the increasing need, Miri department head Mohd Hazle Shah said.

“We are in the process of conducting a training programme for new volunteers.

“We want to attract more people to volunteer for the noble cause of helping the public during emergencies.

“We have started a basic volunteer training programme in Miri and we managed to recruit 57 new volunteers, among them two lecturers from Miri Community College,” he said.

Hazle said the training course for volunteers included emergency first aid such as treating wounds, dealing with broken bones and how to handle victims suffering other physical injuries.

The volunteers will also be taught how to perform CPR when the need arises, he said.

They will also be trained in proper search-and-rescue techniques as well as emergency management during disasters such as traffic accidents, floods and missing-person situations, Hazle added.

The volunteers will also be trained what they must do when facing fire-outbreaks, handling dangerous snakes or bees and high-rise rescue.

Hazle hoped that more volunteers would come forward to offer their time and effort to help the society in Miri.