CIvic EG Using EK Dashboard Conversion

Hi guys,

Anybody here ever done this project yet? If yes,please share your knowledge/experiences in assembling this EK dash into EG cockpit. This definitely will be my next project.

lols y wan do this EK dashboard got special mer? better spend time on performance

That’s what we call a project bro… Performance upgrade definitely in the list too… My project consist of external,internal and performance.

Slow2 doing it ma… No rush ke ke ke…

Friends,how to attach a photo?

look for HONDA TUNING mag…maybe somethng for u…ur EG 2 door?

EG 4D bro… U ever encounter 1 with this project?

im not sure la bro…i main kancil jak…but sometimes buy Honda Tuning mag at pasar malam…many2 useful tips

Ok geng,thanks…