Cinema quality in miri

That’s it. I’ve given up and am FUBAR (Fed-Up Beyond All Recognition) with the quality of the cinema in Miri (in BP of course where else). Quality image - Zero, quality sound - Zero, subtitles and captions - don’t even get me started on this :roll:. 2 vertical lines crossing the screen from start to end of movie is totally not cool… is it the screen? is it the film problem? the projector? I totally miss the GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) or at leat TGV when it comes to quality screening and worth every ringgit you pay for a movie… :expressionless:

Hi ashley,
yah,i totally agreed with you…cinema in Miri are sucks.Its dirty inside,the seat are not comfortable,sound system bad and even sometimes,the movie they played stuck…i’ve been experience all this in cineplex…i dont know why they didnt fix the environment there…Like in GSC and TGV,and even IMAX,in times square,those three cinema are the best.Almost every week i went to watch movie during my stay in KL…and even some movie they offer the 3d Version…

Miri cineplex are the worst ever!! :?

The other day I tried to watch dark knight with my wife. Movie was on higher floor Cinema 3. Bad decision. It was one of the “worst” ever movie experience I’ve ever encountered. The quality of the movie was even worse than those of pirated VCD recorded right off the cinema screens. I rest my case.

Oh did I finish the movie?

Nope, left after 10minutes.

a week ago i went to watch an indon flick, ghost story, branak dalam kubur, not even halway thru d movie, i tink 20min after kick-off, d movie went blank woo, i just chill 4 a while, (masih sabar), almost 30min dly, my ear red already, go downstairs (it was at cinema3), ask d counter 4 refund, clerk said y? koz movie stuck, she didnt wana give, said to wait as the technician still ator, i go up there, bloody hell not 1 staff was there, nobody was even aware tat the movie projector burn out, call the boss, tiau sikit2, ask refund and go home, (by that time i manage to influence a few of the movie go-ers with me, so a bit brave la to tiau these ppl haha)

The following is extracted from the website:

COMPANY DIRECTORY Hock Star Entertainment Industry Bhd (414172-T)
Address : Level 9, Medan Pelita, Lebuh Temple / Wayang, Kuching
Phone No. : 082-233077
Fax No. : 082-232370
Contact Person : Josian Chieng
Position : Regional Operation Manager
H/P : 0168883363
Email :

Maybe all the MC Net members can e-mail / SMS / call the above person to voice our complaints with regards to the lousy cinema in Miri.

Star Cineplex…I cringe whenever friends ask me if I want to go catch a movie. But I still go. WHY? COZ NO CHOICE MAH…

i quit watching movie in cineplex two years ago … = ) … what a relief …

Please do a search on “cineplex” and continue from those threads.

This is beating on a dead horse.

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