CIMB scam




sure scam?

You need to pay attention to the URL of the “CLICKING HERE”. official site

the url click here direct u to holang site which had be blocked.


Good thing you have a sharp eyes.

Sometimes unfortunate people just fall for this trick.

u need to report it as a phising website, before more ppl fall for it.

go straight away to the bank…for this issue, internet is your enemy.

How did the y get the mail amazing
try this out.

spelling ‘within’ pun pandei salah indah…

this is not CIMB scam , its phishing …

this most likely insider jobs. the account holder e-mail /phone number other then those data entry clerk , supervisor & managerial level who else can see…
in malaysia u transfer 0.01 cents from each of the saving account in a bank to yours personal account you will be rich.