Christmas Charity Concert & Christmas Charity Visit

Hi all
To those interested in charity or if you have children or siblings and you would like them to get involved in charity and the spirit of helping others:

  1. Christmas Charity Concert
    Venue: GCM Miri
    Date: 18 December 2010
    Time: 6.00 pm
    Details: a fun filled events - children and young adults performances, charity stalls, food and drinks, chrismas songs etc and special guests YB Lee, Mayor, YB Andy, Datuk Sebastian etc.
    Tickets: RM10 (to be confirmed again) limited to 200 people :wink:
    Purpose: To raise fund to purchase a van for Sunflower Center
    What I need: volunteers Performers to sing and dance, preferably children and young adults, donation of food and drinks (including cookies, cakes etc), cash donation. Oh and photographers too :wink:

  2. General Hospital Children’s Ward 6th Annual Visit
    Date: 19 December 2010
    Venue: General Hospital, Children’s Ward
    Time: TBC (normally afternoon around 2 pm)
    Details: We will be visiting the Children’s Ward and give away gifts and sweets for the children. We hope to have a Santa Claus and Santa Rina too. Perhaps this time we could do a Christmas Carol too!
    Purpose: To cultivate the spirit of love and spirit of sharing among young children and to let the sick children know that they are not forgotten.
    What I Need: Human beings!!! Ha ha basically anyone who would like to join me, especially if you have children bring them along otherwise there will be a babysitter to care for them while we make the rounds. Gifts and sweets to giveaway are provided but your own personal gifts or Clean toys/ dolls that you wanna giveaway are all welcomed. It would take less than an hour and at most one and a half hour for this event. This is a private and personal event, no press or charity organizations involved :wink: and a photographer too! :wink:

to those who are interested please call me at 0168525555 or email me at for more info thank you!!!

Cool Marlene.

Will try and make it there :slight_smile:

Oh n if anyone knw any young kids who can sing English song possibly duet with me??? :wink:

I thought is the true worshiper from indonesia come to miri for the christmas parade this december …

Hey Brian…yes would be great if you could help me out!!! :slight_smile:

This is a very good job … will inform church member about it …