Christian Shop in Miri

Does anyone know where is the shop selling Christian things such as bibles? It used to be on the first floor of Sin Liang supermarket. Is it still there?

parkson? forgot the shop name… :lol:

make sure don’t ban the word Allah in east malaysia,you will die…up up DAP

I think the name of the shop at Parkson is called SALVATION.

Parkson - salvation
bell bookshop - emmanuel

Life Christian Bookstore same floor as Salvation at Bintang mall old wing.
Also the christian bookstore same block as Sin Liang Supermarket further left is still there. I forgot the name of shop.

Come to the bookshop at Carmelite Chapel, beside St. Joseph’s secondary school. A lot of collection there. But opening hours varies.

Or else, the one at St. Joseph’s cathedral will do. :slight_smile: