Christian Horse For Sale

A Pastor was walking past a pet shop one day when he noticed a sign in the

Christian Horse For Sale

Being that the Pastor owned a large ranch, he was immediately interested,
and went into the shop.

The owner took the Pastor out to the back, where he saw a beautiful
Arabian stallion. He agreed to allow the Pastor to take a “test run.”

The Pastor grabbed the reins. “Giddy up,” he said. The horse ignored him.

“No, no,” counselled the owner. “This is a Christian horse. If you want
him to move, you must say, ‘Praise the Lord!’”

The Pastor did as he was told, and the horse started off on a leisurely
walk. However, he soon found that the horse would not stop. “He won’t
answer to ‘whoa’,” said the owner. “It’s ‘Amen’.”

The Pastor decided that he liked the horse, so he bought him and took him
home to his ranch in the country. He saddled the horse up again, said,
“Praise the Lord,” and went riding on the countryside.

Suddenly, the horse saw a rattlesnake crossing the path. Frightened, he
reared and bolted straight for a cliff.

The Pastor cried, “Whoa!” but the horse only ran faster. In vain, he tried
one word after another. Finally, he remembered the correct command and
shouted, “Amen!” just as the horse approached the edge of the cliff.

The Pastor was so thrilled that his life had been saved that he raised his
hands to the sky and shouted, “Praise the Lord!”