Chris Fowler's Photography ! ALOT TO SHARE

I just want to share my love for photography to everyone in this forum. :slight_smile:
I’m actually my school’s official photographer after they realized i have skills in photography.

This is my Online Gallery links.
All of my photography work -
My PortFolio under dA -

My equipment isn’t impressive. I run with a Canon 450D. I wish i had a Semi-Pro or a Pro DSLR. :frowning:

Sample pictures of my work.

nice potraits here.thumbs up!btw how old r u bro?

  1. Still in School.

Recent Senior Prefects Graduation photos of SMK.ST.COLUMBA Miri. Photos by me ofcourse.

Haha got more but not really bothered to post. HEHE!

Oooh! Cool…

nice set,keep up ur good works :slight_smile:

Haha Thanks everyone!

Nice photos dude, very rich in colors and excellent composition too! Love the one with the prefects kena attacked by crows or bats haha.

Haha! Those are actually blazers! haha!
Haha wait… Ur joking right? :smiley:

Thanks man! I appreciate you comments!!!

wow! you’re the prefect who always takes photo during the assembly or any events? Cool…cant believe can see you here :smiley:

comradezero: joking? am i? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha yes i’m the one taking the pictures for everyone and standing in front of the assembly commending the other photographers.

SilverFox: Your that guy from DeviantArt aren’t you? The one that designs for Curtin.

Wah, how you know one?

haha Haiyo… I’ve seen your deviant art. Your the GFX designer for Curtin. Banner designs are done by you if im not mistaken. I’ve added u in my watch somemore. …

I would say your photo really impress me
It is sharp enough to stand out every person you shoot
It is smooth and gentle enough to bring out the characteristic of the person you shoot
I just love it.
Keep it up and wish to see more from you

Go ahead and share more.

u r only 17 and u already shoot gud photos. bravo.

young n gifted~

Haha i wish i had a better camera. I suffer a lot when i use ISO 800 or more. It just kills the quality. Haha I’ll post more soon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: