Chocolate can kill your dog

Chocolate and dogs a deadly mix
Georgia Waters | March 20, 2008 - 9:33AM

Pet owners are being urged to go easy on the giving spirit this Easter Sunday when it comes to cracking open the chocolate eggs.

An RSPCA vet has warned that even a small 50g piece of the good stuff can be lethal to a dog or cat.

“With most pets considered part of the family, there’s a quite normal inclination to share food with the family pet,” RSPCA’s Director of Veterinary Services, Dr Ann Covill, said.

“The problem is that the systems of cats and dogs cannot tolerate theobromine, one of key ingredients of chocolate.”

Domestic pets that eat theobromine can suffer vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive urination and become hyperactive.

They can also develop an accelerated and irregular heart beat which can lead to a coma, seizures or death.

But it’s not just chocolate that’s off-limits for Fluffy and Rex - pets should also not be given onion, cooked bones or fatty foods, Dr Covill said.

The RSPCA said that while it did not keep records of the number of pets which died or fell sick each year after eating human food, it was a “real problem” around Easter and Christmas. … 58436.html