Ching Ming Festival: Board calls for proper disposal of rubbish

Two large rubbish bins have been placed at a cemetery in Riam.

MIRI: As the Ching Ming Festival or ‘Tomb Sweeping Day’ approaches, the Chinese community here has been reminded to disposeof their plastic and paper waste properly at designated places.

Miri Chinese Charitable Trust Board in a press release recently said that its sub-committee had specifically appealed to the Miri City Council to place large rubbish bins at Krokop, Riam and Lambir cemeteries.

In previous years, rubbish were usually seen dumped in one area without being disposed of properly.

“Usually, the Chinese community would sweep and clean the graves of their ancestors or family members two weeks before or after the actual day, and the praying ritual would usually involve offerings, burning of joss sticks and joss paper.

“Sadly, most of the time, we could see that there were a lot of rubbish left behind at the sites which was very disrespectful and an eye-sore to others.

“Thus, with the availability of large rubbish bins from the city council, we hope that it could encourage visitors to the graves to properly dispose of the waste,” the board added in the press release.

It also reminded those who will be burning joss paper during the ritual to do it properly using a metal bin and at a safe place to avoid the burning from becoming severe and a hazard to the environment.

The board also thanked the city council for its cooperation and support on the matter.

Ching Ming Festival, which falls on April 5 this year, is observed by the Chinese community where families visit the grave sites of their ancestors to clean it, offer prayers and make offerings.

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