Chinese students enjoy eco excursion in S’wak with parents

Students observe natural rock formation inside Wind Cave in Bau.

A Chinese tour group explores a forest near Bako National Park.

MIRI: A Miri-based travel and tour company passionate about eco-tourism and education on the flora and fauna here is organising ‘Sarawak Eco-Parental Journey’ starting this month for various schools and institutions from several cities in China.

According to Anthony Wong, operations manager of Sunshine Joytour Borneo Sdn Bhd, these students come with expectation to learn more about the tropical rainforest, ecology and culture of Sarawak.

“So far, 120 persons have participated in this eco-tourism programme to explore more of Sarawak.

“We organise meaningful cross-country trip and hope the youngsters from China would come to know the importance of conservation and protection of Sarawak’s ecological nature,” he added.

Wong said these were no ordinary tour groups as the students were accompanied by their parents on this excursion trip to protect nature and not destroy or harm the environment, plants or animals.

In the itinerary was a visit to the oldest National Park in Sarawak – Bako National Park to see the Proboscis and long nose monkeys, bearded pig, long-tailed macaques, kingfishers, green pit viper, fiddler crabs and other wildlife.

The group then visited Matang Wildlife Centre to learn about orangutans, saltwater crocodile, sun bear, rhinoceros hornbill, sambar deer, civet cat and gibbons before going to Kubah National Park with various species of frogs including Wallace Flying Frog, Borneo Horned Frog and Macrohylla frog species.

A visit to Kuching Wetland National Park to spot the famous Irrawaddy Dolphin was part of the itinerary as was a trip to Gunung Gading National Park to search for the ‘Rafflesia’.

A trip to Sarawak is not complete without going to Sarawak Cultural Village to experience ‘living museums’ showing the culture and dwelling of various ethnic groups and savouring local food and fruits while mingling with locals and visiting museums in Kuching.

Some students also visited Mulu National Park to learn about its nature and beauty, and witnessed millions of bats flying out of the world’s largest cave there.

Sarawak is one of the best places for the Chinese to understand Malaysia and get back to nature while promoting friendship and tourism between the China and Malaysia, he added.

Sunshine Joytour will bring more such groups to experience the rich bio-diversity of Sarawak while developing new attractions for guests to visit again.

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