China made Hand Phones in Miri.......... Plz Help


Can anybody please tell me that where can I find China made hand phones in miri???
I dont want the branded ones like Nokia, samsung, sony etc… I want one of those cheap china mobiles…
Plz Help…


Wooo…dont really know that kind of model…we all know all the model like nokia,samsung,sony ericson etc…but china made never heard before…Why you ask anyway??

or he asking Nokia, SE, Samsung made in China?

Maybe just maybe…but why China…???

bomb making? LOL…kidding…

Why bother getting those scrap. Get a low end brand cellphone and you’ll be happier.

I agree with redline…my brother and sister got a sony ericsson for RM200 with camera,bluetooth MP3 player…I so jealous I feel like want to throw the phone in the water…the phone to modern looking only cost RM200++

Some people went in to workshops and promote china phones. Claimed to be Made in Finland Nokia N95 8GB and their pricing is around RM400-600 depends on the seller.
*Open the casing and you can see sticker with chinese words on it. Take of the battery and you can see ‘Made in Finland’

ErU, thats how they convince people to buy their bootleg products. Like in Boulivard, claiming their “TotalImage” branded product comes from Germany.

Ooo…I see so that is how they get cash very fast way!!!

wow… i am surprised people in dunno whats a china made hp. Hmm… you can actually find them EVERYWHERE in miri. Go out lim teh at night ask the chinese ladies carrying big bags selling vcd for it. They SHOULD have it. Walk into a shopping complex they are displayed there (ok e-mart and boulevard… not sure bout parkson). Written big big china phone. Its comes with a cheap cheap price tag with lots LOTS of function in it. I am not talking bout the fake china-made nokia/se/samsung. :mrgreen:

i got one china phone.Bought rm300 at plaza alam sentral,shah alam 3 months ago…function,no good la…got tv,but the speaker betul2 kuat…haha…but i seldom use because im using 5800.Original is the best.

I used vodafone…

imobile is china brand?

You should see M mobile…
Buatan malaysia…

how about csl?malaysia punya kah…?

CSL is China Phone but license in Malaysia. Malaysia company join venture and get SIRIM certificates. The warannty up to 2 years :lol: . iMobile by Samart, Thailand’s company Thaksin…reliable

my uncle bought a phone in china.
its a watch and it’s dial-able.xD

[quote=“dennos2”][quote=“Ransu”]my uncle bought a phone in china.
its a watch and it’s dial-able.xD[/quote]

last how long?[/quote]

nt sure…he live in china.
my mom b ought a china handphone too.
2 sim cards 2 batt…1 year or so liao…
tht phone very nice…
can change ur sound.
u speak boy sound chg le ppl hear girl sound xD