Chin: SUPP’s loss also due to external factors


Wednesday May 24, 2006

Chin: SUPPs loss also due to external factors

KUANTAN: Factors other than just Chinese sentiments could have caused the Sarawak United Peoples Partys loss in eight of the 19 seats it contested in the state polls.

SUPP vice-president Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui said external factors that could have contributed to the partys poor showing in predominantly-Chinese constituencies included land matters, the fuel price rise and even the wrong choice of candidates.

Chin, who is Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister, was here for a meeting. He was asked to comment on suggestions that Chinese voters did not support the SUPP because the party had not done enough for the community.

He said the party would conduct a post-mortem on the defeats and the findings would be forwarded to national and state Barisan Nasional leaders.


Land matter is a sensitive issue. There are lots of land titles expiring in the next few years. I was told that the renewal fees can be as high as 60% of the assessment rate for town land. This is going to be a heavy burden on the land owner. The problem here is that the title may not be renewed at all. Can you imagine that you become a squatter overnight on the land your family owned for the past 60 years.

That is but just one of the reasons of the ‘bad grades’ for SUPP my friend…

denial syndrome…agian. sigh