Chemical Engineer hunting for job

Hi Miri folks :wink: ,

I am looking for oil&gas related job (engineer/service/technical/planning etc) that has something to do with process/petroleum/gas/project/planning/wastewater/R&D/Laboratory/Manpower management. Please see to my qualifications below.

Highest education: Chemical Engineering 2010
Working experience: 1. Process Engineer (1 year+10 months) 2. Tutor (2 months) 3. University research assistant (3 months) 4. Sales (2 months)
Internship: Oil & gas company (10 weeks)
Project in university: Process Design in oil refinery
Language: Fluent in both Malay and English
Skills: Excellent in Microsoft tool, Minitab, SPC, Analysis data, Analysis machines@unit processings, laboratory equipments, presentation
Travel: Willing/possess license D type

I am seeking for permanent job. Contract will consider. Whatever, just need a job. Can start immediately!
Anyone please recommend?? PM me.


u try Technip?

Thanks buddy. Somehow its difficult to get recognized. I am hoping to stumble upon direct recruiters here.

People, if you are interested PM me for details.

i suggest you apply online


I would like to know whether you got any recommendation of internship opportunity for chemical engineering students?

Thank you.

Wan Jun, I got recruited due to vacant last time, went through phone interview. Sorry but I have worked in different company since then and my new company does not take chem student intern. I think plantation/oil palm company have more chance…try jabatan air/Laku/Asia Lab too. Good luck!

Hi starlearner,

Thank you for the information. Still trying hard and the due date for registration for my uni is close. But will try for your suggestion.