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hi 2 u all. im new in miri actually. hope u guys can help me out.

i actually just own a restaurant few weeks ago. my restaurant located near restoran damai at centre point. currently my restaurant name is sri bonda. i ordered already my temporary signboard and hopefully can be put up this weekend.

my concept for this restaurant in few months ahead after i get my business loan is to renovate it into a cafe where everyone can enjoy good food with good environment. my restaurant provide wifi service, western and local food, snacks, variety of roti canai adn variety of drinks.

b4 i open this restaurant, i actually work in kl as a chef in a fine dining steak restaurant located in le meridien kuala lumpur. i actually wanted to provide a place where people can enjoy very good food with reasonable price.



i cant find a group off staff that can work until my expectation. its really hard to find a good worker here. i have 5 staff now coz i just open daytime. but those 5 staff really make me crazy. b4 this i usually work in a stressful enviroment where need me to walk, do work and even eat as fast as i can. the problem now, my worker take their own happy moment to do all the work here. when i advice them, they say im angry.

can anyone help me. i want to find a group of people who willing to work hard, willing to learn. if not, i will have a really hard time to achieve such standard, such service that i want. anyone that graduated from culinary school mostly invited.

welcome to miri…

Hi, great to here that there’s new makan place in Miri!! Yippee, and the way you describe it sounds vy nice!!

Atm, i dont have any suitable candidate for your employment. Hmm, I will try to look around. Will let you know if there’s suitable ppl.

Hmm, new business rite, hope you have a look at this… viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6847 hehe…
From ur description, im having high expectation on ur restaurant… Goodluck!!

you can make a topic at ‘Jobs’ forum…i think it can help you…salary,requirement and what is the job need to do should be posted too

Classified oso will do… post up a topic for opening job vacancy…

nasi, you haven’t stated which staff you require.
is culinary ppl,
or is service ppl?

maybe suggest that if you are serious, you start thinking ‘dirty tactics’ & contemplate acquiring
those that are allready employed?
some staff in popular restaurants/cafes stand out very clearly, courtesy of their good service.

might suggest, enquiring around Ming Cafe for service staff,
& try the Swan in Morsjaya, for very good chef…

You need to find only one person who you’ll delegate to manage/supervise the other 5 staff properly. Delegation is key.

Where exactly is your restaurant? I’d be interested to try it out.

So this is gonna be malay restaurant~
Good a new place to hang out~

Pastikan harga yang munasabah yea~~~ !!!

good luck nasilemak_jr…i will try it out tonight
you may need to recruit direct from the culinary school

thanks for all ur support =)
for the time being, my restaurant only serve malay food coz people always wanted to eat nasi campur in the afternoon. at first, i add some western food such as western bfast, pancakes, omellete in the menu but i didnt get any order from the customer. so now i take out the food from the menu. maybe its because people still think that restaurant is “sri bonda” rather than “chef’s cafe”. right now i want to ask my fren to come also i “malu” coz of the service. i wish i can get the loan as fast as i can so i can renovate the restaurant to my standard.

about the staff that i required, i wanted both kitchen and service team. i ask already some of my fren in ikbn whether any of their fren intrested to work after their study.

thanks for all of support and advice from u all.

Will definitely try it out! Pls tell me u can make great lasagna?

please try it out after i change the menu k =) if u come there now, i only have simple malay food only =p
there will be pasta also in my menu in the future. i hope i can teach my new chef to cook well =p


Try your best…Berusaha…good future will come to you tidak lama lagi…try your best and never give up :wink:

thanks =)

should check it out soon!

Yea great! Another place to makan!!!

[quote=“nasilemak_jr”]please try it out after i change the menu k =) if u come there now, i only have simple malay food only =p
there will be pasta also in my menu in the future. i hope i can teach my new chef to cook well =p[/quote]

I’ve tried the food in your restaurant abt 2 weeks ago. U mean to say that Sri Bonda actually change the management is it?
The menu offered are very limited and there are no roti canai offered even though it is listed in the menu.
I’ve ordered a nasi goreng ayam for lunch and it is really not what i’ve expected from it for the RM5 that I’ve paid. I’m sorry to tell you that what I get was a normal nasi goreng with few small pieces of chicken meat.
And also the service was not that good as it seems that your staff have no mood to work (sambil lewa).
I hope what I’ve said wouldn’t hurt your feeling but I’m happy that you yourself did notice the problems faced and hope you can find ways to improve the situations very soon.
Wish you good luck and all the best… :slight_smile:

thanks 4 ur comment =) really need it right now.
have to scold my waitress also after this. i scold them few times already but still no diffrent. still really piss off with them.
hope i can find good workers after my renovation. maybe early may i will close for renovation. i already get a lot of quotation from the contractor. i also wanted to buy two 42 inch plasma =p

how bout having live band on friday/saturday nite.juz suggestion.weeeeeeee.sambil makan sambil dgr lagu.hohooh