Cheese cake

Cheese cake any occasion or everyday enjoyment… :lol:
kindly contact @ sms : 013-8401884 or email :
2 days booking period…
Price : RM50.00
Size: 8’ x 8’
for miri area only…
payment tru : maybank : 5110-1056-9898 (suriani binti yakob)
once payment made, pls sms ur info :
reference payment:

tht looks like layers biscuits with cheese in the middle

more or less, but it not crunchy… :smiley:

wow… look nice…
did u sell on cny ?

yes, just sms 2 days before if u want to. :slight_smile:

Holy my COW! You made me hungry…! I can’t wait for you to deliver, going out now to the nearest shop selling cheesecake! :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha, yum yum… :mrgreen: