CHEESE... advise please

OK, I need some advise from cheese expert here, as I saw there’s variety of cheese in Kenyalang supermarket, and thinking about to buy some as i’m cheese lover as well :smiley: .

If any of you have idea which cheese should i buy, please let me know. But, dont recommend me blue cheese becase I hate it :frowning:

I am also a cheese lover too, but know nothing much la…

To choose which cheese, you really need to state what are you going to make lo…

Like in italian food there’s mozarella and parmesan… etc etc etc…

just eat with bread :lol: … i’m not very good in kitchen (lazy boy :expressionless: )

suggesting Cheeder cheese slice will do… 8)

what you want to use the cheese for? how you want to eat it? in salad? with bread? with crackers? in salad? on pie? on pizza? with pasta? what?

Can try the Kraft Cream Cheese… MY FAVOURITE :slight_smile: .
Nowadays, the cheese are getting more expensive liao. Used to buy the cream cheese for RM7+ but now cost RM9+ per bottle.

All the cheddar cheese slices taste similar.

bread & in salad

bread & in salad[/quote]

can try feta cheese:

i think can get in kenyalang - in the fridge near the other cheeses - with olive oil and may be herbs and olives in glass jars like this:

good for classic greek salad, very nice presentation too:

i had some in my salad for lunch just 2 hours ago…

I like colby jack with my bread. Not many choices in Miri. If you like cheese you can prepare your own cheese board (incl. blue) with some fruits ( grapes, apple etc ), crackers and go with wine…perfect combination!

i think you should ask food expert ratoullie’s remie(smallee)…expert in cooking

huh? that bottle and cheese inside look like tauhu jeruk (chinese product) except the color … and yup this one must be good for salad, but I think not very suit for bread…am i right?

i think so…

smallee!! get in here… NOW!!

joking…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

tikus yang pandai masak…haha

aiya, can or not is up to you one mah… free your mind… om… don’t let prejudice constraint you…

google shows these examples…

when you are feeling less adventurous, can always go back to cheddar cheese sandwich…

roti tauhu cheese

perrghhhhhhhh lookin 8 thse pics mk me hungryyy…

i’m drooled! slurrrrp…

will smallee angry i say like that?haha :smiley:

so tell us what cheese you choose yah?