Check if your piano is from MADE IN JAPAN, Buy genuine piano

Hi there!

Since year 2010, Japan have founded an association called JUPA (Japan Used Piano Association).
It is because nowadays alot of piano claim to be brought in by Japan.
Are you buying genuine piano from Japan?
So from 2010, all piano that was made in Japan need to be certified by the JUPA. JUPA activity is to spread real Japanese piano to all over the world.
All the piano are inspect by the technician to meet JUPA standards.
So this will protect their country Japan and give customers the assurance the piano is from Japan not from other countries.
The sticker of the JUPA is attached here.
You can view their website at:
Only few companies in Malaysia that had JUPA certified. PM me if you want to know.
If you have any questions, do let me know.