Cheats robbing children of aid


Sunday April 29, 2007

Cheats robbing children of aid

MIRI: Deserving students are being deprived of funds from the Sarawak state government aid scheme because of rich parents who abuse the system by making false declarations.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department, Datin Fatimah Abdullah, said the state government wanted to implement tougher measures to weed out these cheats so that the funds would reach the truly needy pupils.

There are parents who provide false information about their financial status to apply for funds from the Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pelajar Miskin.

Because of these irresponsible parents, deserving pupils are missing out.

They are being forced to drop out of school because they have no money and do not know where to seek help, she said during a briefing on the fund for education and school officials in Limbang recently.

Under the scheme, needy primary school children are given RM200 for their schooling purposes every year, while each secondary student gets RM300.

The fund also provides other forms of assistance for students.

Fatimah said the education department and school management authorities had been told to be stricter in scrutinising every application.

Steps are being taken to thoroughly verify and find out the actual income of parents who fail to furnish proper payslips or those who claim they have no fixed income, she said.

The fund was set up in the state in 2003.

i bet hundred of rural students who deserved tis aid know exactly nothing about this.
local newspaper n radio station should promote tis aid.

oh, some rural n poor students go to school 2 play not 2 study.
dajah 3 pun cant spell own name, let alone read books.
hard 2 change their mindset bcos their parent totally depend on teachers to teach their children importance of good education.

my fren who is teacher in rural area told me about tis scenario.