Charity without Borders targets Penan village

The recce team in a photo-call. Wan is third from right.

The recce team in a photo-call. Wan is third from right.

KUCHING: Several individuals from Bintulu 4×4 Club and Kuching Hope Place recced the road leading to Kampung Lamam in Baram last weekend to prepare for Charity without Borders No.41.

Kuching Hope Place founder Kelvin Wan said yesterday that Long Lamam lay deep in the interior, and the village was home to about 400 Penans from about 70 families.

“Charity without Borders started four years ago, and this year we will go to Long Lemam from July 6-8,” he said.

The trip from Bintulu entailed driving between seven and eight hours non-stop to Long Segah. From Long Segah, the participants would then jungle trek for about 45 minutes to reach Long Lamam.

Wan said a few Penans in Long Laman were special-needs individuals. Five of these disabled people were elderly, and three of them yearned for outdoor wheelchairs.

Five children were born deaf and needed help too.

Wan said life in Long Laman can be tough at times. For the sick, for instance, they would have to go to Miri, but to get to the main road alone needed walking for one hour.

Alternatively, they can use longboats.

The boat ride to the main road takes only 45 minutes, but the cost is exhorbitant—RM150 per trip.

From the main road, they would have to take public transport—normally 4X4 vehicles. The trip to Miri from the main road would set them back RM120 per trip.

“Several children in the village are also malnourished. This is confirmed by assistant village head Lagup Nyo,” Wan said.

On Charity without Borders No.41, he said thus far 46 4X4 vehicle owners had registered with the Bintulu 4X4 Club to confirm their participation. They are from Kuching, Sri Aman, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri, Belaga and Batu Niah.

Currently, Kuching Hope Place is still short of some items, and they need public help and sponsors on this matter.

Items needed include three outdoor wheelchairs; 40 boxes of 1kg Milo, 40 boxes of Lee Fah Mee instant noodles, and 55 boxes of Dumex Milk powder for children aged three to six.

For more information, call Kuching Hope Place at 013-5672775.