Channel issues, grievances to reps, government agencies!

Channel issues, grievances to reps, government agencies !

Date Posted : Wednesday 29-Jun-2016

KAPIT: Bukit Goram State Assemblyman Jefferson Jamit Unyat called on the people to approach their elected representatives or the relevant government agencies to channel their grievances and issues.

“If you have any grievances and issues, do not go to the wrong channel such as the opposition (DAP) who has no means to assist the people apart from making use of the opportunity for their political gain and publicity. Instead you need to approach your elected representatives and the relevant government agencies to highlight the matter so that faster action could be taken,” said Jamit while officiating at the ‘Ngiling Bidai’ (to mark closing of Gawai Dayak) ceremony organised by the Special Affairs Department (JASA) and PBB of Kapit Parliamentary area held at Rumah John Ramba at Sungai Sesibau along Jalan Bukit Goram on Monday evening.

Meanwhile Jamit thanked the people in Bukit Goram especially the longhouses in Sungai Sesibau areas mostly of whom are his relatives and close family members for their full support to give him the mandate as their elected representative.

“Kapit is a strong hold of BN and is part of Team Adenan. This is the beginning and perhaps at the initial stage we may face some hiccups here and there, but later we hope to overcome them.

“We have ample time over a period of five more years to go. I will try my very best to serve the people of Bukit Goram. We have been lagging behind and now is the time for us to catch up.

“In this respect I call on the people to continue to work together with the political leaders and the various government agencies to enable the promises made during the previous state elections to be fufillled,” Jamit pointed out.

To coincide with the ngiling bidai ceremony, Jamit was also given the honour to perform a ‘miring’ ceremony for a family of one Mujah specially for the blessing of his three sons namely Paing, 32, Lampung, 29, and Mickey. Mujah’s two elderly sons (Paing and Lampung) are working overseas at a shipping company in Iran and they were to depart for work yesterday while for Mickey would be furthering his study at an institution of higher learning in Kuching.

Later at the function Jamit announced a grant of RM15,000 to the Women Buraeu of the Village Security Committee (JKKK) of Rumah John Ramba, RM3,000 each to the Women Bureaus of the JKKK of Rumah Kiong, JKKK Rumah Meliyu Pilang, JKKK Rumah Unjah and JKKK of Rumah William Unchat respectively for their activities.

On the request for other development projects such as the upgrading and improvement of access roads, Jamit urged the JKKKs to forward their application to be considered under the Rural Transformation Programmes as his allocation for this year was limited due to the fact that his term only began from half of the year.

Also at the function were Kapit District Officer, Elvis Didit who also spoke earlier at the function, Assistant Director of the Welfare Department Peter Gabong, representatives of the various government agencies and local community leaders and about 300 longhouse residents.

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