Changing of telephone operator

wef 6.10.08 we can change the telephone operator as we wish.which telephone opearator provide best service here.presently i m using celcom -very bad services. anybody experience the same as me ?

what do u mean we can change as we wish?? im lost on that… :?:

I think what hhtt means is we can change our mobile telco service provider without changing our current mobile number…

At the moment, I have to no plan to switch my mobile telco service provider since the service is quite ok. I am using Digi at the moment.

im using all three telcos…and digi is still the best…

This is call MNP = Mobile Number Portability

You can keep your current number, but just have to port to your desire Operator.

Eg: Current number 016 888 8888 under DIGI Telecommunication, but you wish to use CELCOM service while keeping your existing number as you have been using the number for quite sometime.

Terms & Conditions for PORTING to CELCOM SERVICE:
This service is now availble for Postpaid and Prepaid User. Just walk-in to the nearest CELCOM DEALER to ask for this service.
You have to ensure that you have no outstanding bill from your existing telco, else you have to clear all your debts before porting to next telco. :wink:
Porting service will take around 1week time working days.
GOOD NEWS: At the mean time, porting service is FREE. So if you wanna PORT IN or PORT OUT do it now :slight_smile: Before they start to apply charges.

Be the smart consumer, you have the right to choose. Don’t worry of regret, as if you found that the new TELCO service might not be as good as you thought, you can still PORT to other telco’s or either PORT back to your previous telco. Isn’t that good? Why wait??

Hint: Goolooloo is doing for Celcom, if you wish to port to Celcom, kindly PM me for more information. :slight_smile:

P/S: Each telco have their own pros and cons. It depends on your need and usage. Some people might find it good, some people might find it bad. Find out your own, then only you know which telco suit you the best. :wink:

only postpaid?