Changging Processor

Good Afternoon guys, i’ve got this Dell laptop, unfortunately. i dropped it on to the ground, screen is smashed, unable to use anymore.

The laptop featuring quite a nice spec with i5 processor. instead of let it goes into the garbage bin, can i take it’s processor out and swap it with my old laptop which has a core 2 duo processor?

what are the modification involved? What will be the cost if this can be done?


Both socket are different. So you can’t swap. You can sell the proc instead. :slight_smile:

i5 to core 2 duo difference story already…not possible but it will be incredible-un’sangka’rable too if you can marry that i5 to core 2 duo motherboard…uhuhu

so careless bro ?

Thanks for the reply guys,
looks like the lappy is going to hibernate somewhere else…

im sure the cost to swap the proc will be much more than replacing the broken screen :stuck_out_tongue:

advice u buying a extra monitor and plugging it into the laptop and use

Make your laptop as desktop (connect to external monitor and use usb keyboard + mouse) :slight_smile: