Celcom Reload Coupon

Hi guys.

last nite i bought a celcom reload top up card rm30…

arrived at my home, i scratch2 the card (with careful scratch). and i found that one of the number already deface. and i cannot recognise the number. is it 9 or 5 or anything.

i have tried to input both number for 9, 5. but both fail. fear for my sim to be blocked, i stop trying.

anyone experienced this before?

hey… this happen to my friend last week wednesday. its a RM10 coupon and same like you with careful scratch he lost the last 2 digits. after that he reload direct and swear will not buy coupon style anymore. is there any scam trying to cheat by giving coupon that easily lost its digits even with careful scratch? any ways to redeem the lost if anyone have the ideas please share for future reference. Thanks!

well…dunno if its a scam or anything…but im thinking of going to celcom centre to see if they can help me with something…

mine also like that before.then i called 1111.then the operator ask me to change it at celcom centre…

celcom centre = near imperial mall (post office side) there kah?

yes…bring ur reload coupon and tell them what happen with ur reload coupon.before you go there,call celcom centre first to double check that coupon.incase ur coupon already use…( mana tau kedai tipu mar…)

thanks for the head-up buddy! :smiley:

u always welcome friend… :wink: