Celcom latest mobile plan

what is the main attraction for celcom first gold plan? why so popular nowadays? I realised that many people started to switch line to celcom, any idea?

Ya my friends around me also changed to celcome first plan LOL , its a suddenly and i asked them why…everyone say that its much worth rather than other plan… but first plan also diffrentiate with few plans (gold, gold plus and platinum) depend on how much quota u need lah…

yo, celcome recently won most of the telco company lah… keep coming new plan for attract customer…

Ehhh is Celcom really that good? I found the first gold plan is a bit too expensive…

The definition of good varies, it depends on what you want. Actually celcom is not bad for me because the price is reasonable with the benefit given. If you analyze deeply, RM80 is worth the price for celcom first gold plan as 20GB of data is given and unlimited calls and sms was given for free too. If you were the one who always talk on phone, then this plan will suit you despite looking for the price.

it might be an expensive but they given u more,more and data…but i have wondering if that plan is affordable to their customer?

yeah celcom is good and nice offer but in my home area celcom coverage too ​​weak …hummpp

I dun think it’s expensive base on what they had give to consumer, Rm80 for the first gold plan included much (free call,free social apps,free muzik and so on…) so i rather say its worth for rm80!

FYI , i hear something about thing plan was you are able to combine weekend/weekday data tgthr for those use more data on weekdays and just addition RM10/month~

ya Somemore you can enjoy free sms if you sign for platinum plan,and the huge amount of 60GB data :joy:

Hi. Im fairuz, celcom miri staff. “The best telco” term is different for everyone. For me if you choose a telco, make sure it covers everywhere u go, be it in rural areas or town area. Also, make sure it is good at the place u go the most. It is imperative that customer fully understand the offerings rather than just seeing advertisement, as some telco like digi, even they said 20GB but if u dont connect to their 4G service, u will utilize your weekdays quota.

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yes, the ANYGB feature will effective from 1 NOV, This is because some of the poeple might not have enough data for weekdays, so they will need to have additional data. So with this extra feature, the customers not only can enjoy 2.5GB free data on weekend but also on weekdays. So it depends on the person with the usage of data.

Based on my survey , majority told me its worth it for the plan. However affordability of everyone is different so it depends la, celcom provide good customer services to their customers as they did provide auto upgrade feature for its existing customers.

i hear about this anygb also. its like for everyone.
new and old celcom members also can ya.
so the data is how?

it is a good news for me when I knew Celcom come out with new plans that offer 60gb. my family is not using wifi. However , my video assignment always required me to get a large amount usage of data. I always purchase the extra data and it costs a lot. Now I can use the FIRST Platinum plan that offered 60gb by Celcom and it cost RM150. in the same time , I can share this data as hotspot to my family member.

Because now they split weekday and weekend. Now you have the option to combine them. Currently using Platinum plan almost 4months now. But you need to pay like RM10 if not wrong. I am not sure if its for new member.

I wondering if can downgrade my plan?? Anyone know if i would have to pay?? Because the data now it just too much for me.

With the price you are paying why dont you and your family dont just get wifi for your home for multi use with no limit. Hotspot kinda slow once it shares more than 1 device.

Yes i agree. Depending on one person if able to afford it or not. If you want more you have to pay more. survey must be done overall malaysia. that would be more in detail.

currently i am using the Celcom Platinum plan , so far overall , the line is really stable at my area (Malacca). And now i can use their unlimited call service to reach out my relatives too. As i know , for new customer the promotion only till this year end. Can grab a package before the promotion is end.