Celcom Broadband

Lately i always experience problem with the broadband. Manytime hanging…

Do u ppl also experience the same problem.

tq :roll: :roll: :?: :?: :lol:

its not hanging, its more to disconnect. When first intro, the performance good, but when users increase, it sometime cant even surf net. At first i thought my modem kong, but actually its ok, it works well at 6am or before.

Anyone else experiencing problems with their Celcom Broadband in the last few days?

Prior to last night, I’d connected and no packets were coming through. Now I get some data coming through only after hitting refresh on my browser multiple times. Anyone know what is going on?

Is it really due to “upgrading”? They really should provide their users with a warning if that really is the case. And having not had any reliable broadband service for the last 3 days, I think they really should compensate their users somehow, of course, I’m not counting on it.

Just no offense about it cuz Celcom Broadband is the 2nd worst of Broadband Provider … hehe!!

imho…I wouldn’t classify any of the internet services here in M’sia as broadband.

But since we have no choice, it is what it is.

We are also using Celcom Broadband in Marina Bay…

Sucks too, keep hanging or disconnected… Sometimes
connected also no connection… Really frustrating…

When will they grow up?

i used my phone as a modem for celcom broadband…sometimes it was connected but cannot surfing…i dont know y…then, i tried to disconnected n restart the phone…after that it was no prob…few minutes later its problem again…when i check the connections inside the phone…it was celcom 3g mms connected…sometimes gprs 3g modem…anyone knows wat is it means…maybe if i use usb broadband modem thats prob is not coming out…

someone have to asking celcom people or maybe we’ve got them inside this mc.net

heard that celcom can get 7.2mbps, is that true?

that the modem.
advance plan only up to 3.6.

yeah…it happen for 3-4 months ady.
certain time of the day, it wont connect. if it can connect, well, no data coming in (wat ever you call it).

I’m so disappointed with celcom broadband … so slow … can’t open multiple webpages as it takes forever to load … sigh …

however bad it is, is that true celcom is the best provider in miri. i’m currently looking at the options…

The connection depends.(based on my experience)Sometimes the Celcom Broadband can get fast even streaming Youtube only takes for a while.One more thing about Celcom broadband is,you can use it anywhere you want as long as there is a Celcom connection.I can even use it in the car.lol

if you dont have 3G, you could switch it to 2G mode…but it take a while to load.

Same here, i’m using Celcom 3G at home, connected but can’t go to internet. That’s why i’m no mood chatting using msn/yahoo messenger, syok2 chat, putus, connected again… then putus. Then tomorrow again have to pay the bill, haizzz

mcm nda besa pulak…hahhaha

nama utai enda besai?

Ukai nama.Enda ka ukui slalu nyala ba dik maia malam!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .
Remember what you told me last time. :mrgreen:

ukai nda ‘besai’. nda ‘biasa’.
kena disconnect nya biasa meh nya…
nti ya nda disconnect, luar biasa nya…
celcom ma…hehhehe

Ukai nama.Enda ka ukui slalu nyala ba dik maia malam!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .
Remember what you told me last time. :mrgreen:[/quote]

kena tegah ukui? laban selalu meda porn?

lol.Apuu geram laban Celcom lately.
Asai ka hempas utai nya.
Celcom ma…