Took a break down south a couple of weeks ago and visited some caves hope you guys like it…

(click for bigger pic)

Wow…it is sooo pretty…You guys must have had a good time…I know I would…Nice pics by the way!!! thanks for showing…

yeah…ditto…thx for sharing…

thanks guys, it was a lot of fun!

very beautiful caves,thanks for sharing :smiley:

wow! where did you shoot these photos?

There are many caves around this little town called Margret River. I took many pictures, where some turned out a lot better than others.

The trick was to set for long exposure and the hard part was keeping the camera steady while taking the pic. The caves have lights with different colours to cast a different effect so that was interesting.

Unlike the caves in Malaysia, these are much smaller and less adventurers where in an hour you’ll see everything. there were some pretty chambers tho. :slight_smile: